Centralized Orders

Centralized Orders features:

  • Single point of contact for your title and escrow needs in all of Idaho and Oregon as well as parts of Montana, Washington and Wyoming
  • Customized order processing for your unique business needs
  • Order tracking, progress reports and completion follow-up
  • Flexible information delivery options
  • Wide selection of products and information for your specific needs
  • Service provided for all transaction and property types

To contact the Centralized Orders team, please contact us.

Centralized Title Services (CTS)*

Futura Title provides centralized title production services for commercial, residential, and agricultural properties. Our CTS is an efficient option for national and regional customers who need title work performed. Benefit from the convenience of a single point of contact, customized services to fit your unique business needs, and consistent on-time reports to meet your service requirements.

To contact the CTS team, please contact us.

*Centralized title plant with centralized title production currently available in Idaho only.

Default Services

Futura Title’s default services provide you with peace of mind that your foreclosure service needs will be facilitated with professionalism and in compliance with state laws.

Default Service features:

  • Single point of contact for default trust work (Idaho only) and/or title work
  • Centralized order processing
  • Default title products
  • Preparation of default documents (Idaho only)
  • Public notifications and mailings (Idaho only)
  • Trustee’s Sale administration (Idaho only)
  • Document recording

To contact the Default Services team, please contact us.

Information Services

Futura Title brands, Alliance Title and AmeriTitle, offer a wide variety of comprehensive information services including, document purchases, data services, specialized report subscriptions for market share data or detailed property information, and plant agreements.

To request information services, please contact us.

Long Term Account Services (LTAS)

Expect the highest level of accuracy and integrity from our LTAS teams when servicing contracts between buyers and sellers. Our LTAS teams handle the details, such as retaining original documents for safekeeping; accepting and disbursing funds; calculating principal and interest; and retaining reserves for taxes and insurance.

For instructions to access your account, click here.

For more information on long term account servicing, click here.

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Reconveyance Services

Simplify your process with Futura Title’s reconveyance and release services in every county in Idaho and Oregon. Our cost effective reconveyance services furnishes a single point of contact, order tracking, progress reports and completion follow-up. We are able to service commercial, residential and agricultural properties while providing you with flexible delivery options. Spend more time focusing on your customer and leave the reconveyance and release to Futura Title.

To contact our Reconveyance Services team, please contact us.

Regional Escrow Services (RES)

Enhance the service to your customers by coordinating all of your escrow needs through Alliance Title’s Regional Escrow Services.

RES Features:

  • Single point of contact for your escrow needs
  • Order tracking, status reports and post-closing reporting
  • Customized workflow to fit your transactions
  • Flexible information delivery options
  • Secure online access to general file information and documents
  • Service provided for all transaction and property types

To contact the RES team, please contact us.

Futura Title & Escrow, LLC offers single source solutions for your title, escrow, reconveyance, and/or default service transactions. Futura Title brands & highly-skilled and experienced title, escrow and qualified intermediary staff are available to provide superior customer service, timely reports, and streamlined title, and escrow services.

For a first-class real estate transaction experience, partner with the Futura Title!